For my utmost appreciated non-German speaking business partner:

Companies do not leverage the full potential out of finance!

The world is changing, maybe it is even in one of the greatest changes of all time. This also means that companies have to be different from what they are today. A change of perspective is required, because those who see things differently can ultimately better understand themselves, their market and their competition. Moreover, those who see things differently can perceive them differently and will consequently deal with them differently and at least create a new reality for themselves. Last but not least, the corona pandemic has shown that all of us, but also companies in particular, are dealing with a new reality. This means that companies, not only in Germany, but also worldwide, are facing a major challenge.

Changes, especially if they are as far-reaching as described above, require a look into the figures, require financing ideas, and require new approaches. I summarize that in the term 'Financial Change'! This is not just about analyzing numbers, summarizing, reporting. It's always about the story behind it, i.e. about the adequate interpretation.

Financial change. For more than 20 years I have been creating and contributing to changes. I am interested in the story behind it and am able to tell it, less for the advertising brochure than much more for the investor / lender exposé. Change also means (pragmatic) processes, means adapted structures, means dealing with the right questions. That's why I stand up to support companies on their way into the future, be it in:

  • M&A Transactions - Gain the best out of your due diligence
  • Finance & Accounting transformation
  • Project Management and PMO to make your projects a success
  • Restructuring to become fit for the future
  • Compliance - how to cope with legal changes

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